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Program to update Delivery dates of STO based on Material availability

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We have requireement in which, we need to material availability check for the materials on daily basis. This is only for Stock Trasnfer orders.

Suppose there is STO ( Stock Transfer Order) 1 that has been created for material M1 for qty 20. The scheduled delivery date for the material is tomorrow. Now I create another STO 2 today for the same material and same quantity. The scheduled delivery date that was proposed was 7 days from today.

Some one deletes the STO 1. Now Material M1 with qty 20 is avaiable to use. I then go in the system, open STO 2 in change mode. Select the line item and click on Material availability check. When I do this, the new delivery dates are proposed.

This is standard sap functionality.

We have required to do this programmatically. Is there any standard SAP program which will check all the STO's by there creation date and do the material avaibility check automatically and re-set STO dates.



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Instead of all that, you could just use stock transport scheduling agreements. MRP can update those automatically during its processing.