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Profit Center wise Vendor ledger with opening balance information

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Dear Expats

We have two profit center 7010 and 7020

Now one vendor have transaction with two profit center.

Every vendor document (vendor invoice/payment) have profit center information.

User requirement - show the vendor ledger profit center wise

They will give the date range and profit center

Profit Center7010
Vendor 200900
Date 10/12/201315/12/2013
Opening Balance       (20,000)
Vendor invoice10/12/2013      (10,000)
Vendor payment 12/12/2013           5,000
Closing Balance      (25,000)

Same for profit Center 8020 also

If no any SAP standard report than we will go for development.

But we are facing problem regarding Vendor opening balance information.

Is there any TABLE where PROFIT CENTER wise VENDOR LINE ITEMS balance update?


Tarek H Chy

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Answers (2)

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Did you try  with below reports ?

S_AC0_52000887 - Receivables: Profit Center

S_AC0_52000888 - Payables: Profit Center



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Hi Sabani

Thanks for feedback.

I have tried this report earlier.

This report is showing the payable figure for a particular period.

Only gap of this report is opening balance of particular period.

Example :   On 30th November 2013

Vendor Closing balance is (90,000/-)

Means : From the day one to 30th Nov 2013 period, vendor closing payable amount is (90,000/-)

Now user run the report from 1st Dec to 31st December 2013

Opening balance is (90,000/-)

1st Dec                  (10,000/-)

15th Dec                 20,000/-

Closing balance is (80,000/-)

User requirement is that they will RUN the report for a particular period and system will calculate the opening balance of particular period and show in the report.

If this information (Profit center wise vendor balance) update in the SAP table, pls. give the table name.

Based on this we will develop the report for user.



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Did you try the reports in FKI3 / FGI3??

I remember we developed one such report for GL using FGI3..

Br, Ajay M