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Profit Center Substitution in Sales order

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Hello All,

I have a Small Issue here.

we have a substitution rule for the PCA Derivation in the SO with the combinations of few Sales Org, Distribution Channels and Divisions.

But when a WBS Element is Assigned in the Sales order it is over writting the Substitued profit center with the profit center in the WBS Element.

If we have not maintained any thing in the WBS it is Deriving the Dummy Profit Center from the controlling Area Settings in PCA

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Generally, the following prioritization in ascending order applies during the determination of the profit center:

a) Material master

b) Profit center substitution

c) Manual entries

d) Actual account assignment, for example: internal order.

a) = Lowest priority , d) = Highest priority.

This is standard.

Hope this helps.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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thanks for all to helping me out

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Hi Ravi

This behaviour is corect and cant be changed....

If your sales order is account assigned to WBS, the PC from WBS will flow to Sales Order...

If no PC exists in WBS, then Dummry PC will flow to sales order

No Substitution will work in this case...

Br, Ajay M

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Thanks Ajay and Shail for your help