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Profit center Detremination in Document Spliting(New Gl )

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Hello Gurus

About the problem, I have some line items in AR against which I have to W/Off certain amount.T Code used here is F-32 and we have some reason codes defined for accounting the Bad Debta W/offs. Thru this combination we are passing the transaction for w/off. But when an Accounting Entry is generated, the Profit Center assigned to the Expense account (P&L account of Bad Debts w/off) is having some other Profit Center other than as expected by the user. User wants to have a profit center of the AR line item to appear against the Expence line itesm

Where can i check the config that will show me the settings for Proft Center determination for such Expense Items.

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Thanks & Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think may be there are default profit center assignment for GL Account.

Check in the following config:

Financial Accounting ->(New)General Ledger Accounting (New)->Master Data->Profit Center->Assign Default Profit Center to Accounts

The above is only applicable for New GL only.



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Hi suraj

I am working on the ECC 5.0 version with the New GL active and I am unable to locate any assignment in that navigation path.

Can you please verify from your end and convey the correct Navigation path..

Are you trying to convey setting in 3KEH.

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3keh does not work any more once you activate document splitting.

The path the other guy gave is good for ECC6.

However you now have two options.

1 create a substution to say for PK and GL account, always have PC as XXXXX

2/ Accept the current postings and manually journal them

I would contact SAP over this issue. There is another thread open at the moment title is Table FAGL something or other which I have posted on.

I suggest you push for a fix to this, perhaps it is available in the first enhancement pack for ECC5.

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