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Profit and Loss statement budget report

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Hi Experts

My client has a query regarding the P&L budget report

When running the report, i understand there is a budget column and actual column. what confuses me is that under each category, under the actual column, there are 2 totals - budgeted(purple) and total(blue). what do each of the values represent? surely there only needs to be one (representing the actual amount). neither of these values under the actual column match the budget column even though it says "Budget..."

i apologise if i am missing the obvious but i cant see how there are 2 'actual' values?

also, is there any way to make the report show subtotals for gross profit and operating profit?

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Hi Guys

Has anyone got some feedback on my question above?

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purple - Budgeted total, meaning the total that was define in budget module

Blue - The actual total reflected against the budget.

hope this may help you understand.



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Sorry if I'm missing the point but shouldn't that then be the same as the value under the budget column? If not, where does the value come from under the budget column then (they are different values)...?