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what's the difference between "Recipt from Production" and "Issue for Production"?


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Hi Vic,

"Issue for production "window, issue items to production orders. You use this Document to issue manual items only, as backflush components are issued automatically. Additionally, use this to report disassembly orders completion.

"Receipt from Production Window" window, report the completion of the product.

For standard and special production orders, you post the finished product to the stock.

For disassembly production orders, you post the components to the stock.

Lakshmanan Manickam

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I'm confused with disassembly production order.

if I create a disassembly production order, then first I have to go to "issue for production", and then "Recipt from production"? or I can just finish "issue for production"?

For example,

item A: 10 pcs

Item B: 20 pcs.

BOM item C contains 1 pc of A, and 2 pc of B.

if I put a production order(standard) of C, 1 pcs, then I should go to "issue for production". after finishing "issue for production", I'll get item A:19pcs, item B:18pcs. the quantity of C is not changed. is that right?

next, I go to "Recipt from Production", finishing "Recipt from Production", I'll get C+1 quantity. is that right?

For disassembly production order, first, I put a "issue for production", then I get C-1 quantity, but A, B's quantities are not changed. is that right?

next, I put a "Recipt from Production", then I'll get A1 and B2 quantities, is that right?

If all of items are backflush, can I omit "issue for Production"? or disassembly production order always must use "Issue for Production"?