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Production version with validity date in future

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I have created in ECC a Production Version 2 starting Dec 1st, 2024, I have defined PV 1 to end Nov 30th,2024. In SCM I see planned orders generated only up to nov 30,2024 and it is not recognizing the new PV2. What I did wrong?

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I guess a PDS is used as a source of supply in your SCM system.
If the PDS gets transferred then just the current date range is selected.
If you display the PDS via /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU then you will see just one PDS.

In order to transfer which start in the future the selection data needs to be set to a future date.

This is done in BAdI method CHANGE_EFFECTIVITY_DATE of BAdI CUSLNTRTO_ADDIN see note 1464564.