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Production Scheduler / Production Supervisor

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Could anyone tell me please why in PP the production scheduler is renamed to Production supervisor, in transactions such as CO07. In the config it is defined production scheduler.



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Please refer to note 1241648.

This note explains that reasoning behind the change:


Discrepancies in the English translation of the German term

"Fertigungssteuerer" within the PP area and between the PP and

EP-PCT-MAN areas (both hitherto developed in German with direction of

translation German -> English).

In the PP area, the term "Fertigungssteuerer" was traditionally

translated as "production scheduler" but occasionally also as

"production controller" (which it superseded) and "production

supervisor". In the new area EP-PCT-MAN, it was decided that "production

scheduler" did not accurately reflect the meaning of the German term and

it was rejected in favor of "production supervisor", which it was felt

was more appropriate to a controlling role or position in

manufacturing/on the shop floor that is just below management level in a

role hierarchy. Because the role/position/job title involved is the same

in PP, EP-PCT-MAN and elsewhere (e.g. QM, where the "Fertigungssteuerer"

has also been referred to in the past as the "Fertigungsleiter"), it was

deemed sensible to standardize this terminology on

"Fertigungssteuerer"/"production supervisor" in all

PP/Manufacturing-related areas in SAP systems. This necessitates a

change in the translation of this term from "production scheduler" to

"production supervisor" at some points in the PP area.

The decision to use the term "production supervisor" was reached by

Solution Management after consultation with and visits to a large number

of companies of different sizes and from different industries worldwide.

The tasks, responsibilities, and title of this role were intensively

discussed with local production staff. It is, of course, nevertheless

recognized that individual companies and industries may use different

terms for the role.


And then it goes on to state:


Note that, due to the large number of potential texts and different

systems involved, the superseded term "production scheduler" is still

liable to occur at some points in the interface and online/KW

documentation. It is intended that such instances will be progressively

reduced and finally eliminated over time. In such cases, for "production

scheduler" read "production supervisor".


Edited by: Noel Connolly on Sep 19, 2011 8:51 PM

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Even in ECC6.0 EHP 3.. it is production supervisor.

What is the ECC EHP evrsion you are using?

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I guess, It is part of Enhancement package upgrade.



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Hi ,

Everywhere it is production scheduler only.check with technical team ,they have change the display as production supervisor.May they have edited the std sap code and changed teh name

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Where? I just looked at a 4.6 and a 6.0 system, and on the input screen of both, CO07 it reads "Product. Scheduler".....