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Production Order settlement to Sale Order

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Hi Gurus,

I have crated a sale order through VA01, I crated sale order specific BOM through CS61 and after that I executed Cost Estimate for the sale order.

Sale Order No: 260

Finished Product : 610

Semi Finished: 611

Semi Finished: 612

I executed MRP for sale order 260, System has created planned production for Material 610,611 and 612.

When I am trying to convert the planned production order to production order, system is automatically picking up settlement rule as Material instead of sale order for all the production orders. System is not allowing to change the settlement rule manually.

Our requirement is, Production Order of SFGs(611 and 612) should be settle to Production order of Finished Product(610). and the total cost of the production order of Finished Product(610) should be settle to Sale Order (260).

How can I get the above settlement rule into my production orders as default.

Please help me in this regards and guide me if i am going in wrong way.

Thanks in Advance



1. Our scenario is Make-To-Order.

2. I am using same Order Type for all the production orders.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Venkat

When u manf SFG - SFG declared to stock and all calculations for WIP or Variances are done for SFG material depending on the order status

When u settle if the material is SFG in the production order - FI postings are done to relevant accounts for SFG matl

Now when the SFG matl is used in production of FG, SFG is consumed and Production order created for FG will have either WIP or variances and settlement is executed.

For settling to sales order

Create settlement profile with sales order selected as valid receiver, and assign the profile to the Production order type. Here u need two production order types

1) One normal production order - here normal settlement profile is attached

2) One order type for sales order production. Here u attach sales order settlement profile. Create allocation structure for this purpose

You can only one order type and settlement profile for both SFG and FG

Postings to relevant accoutns for SFG and FG is taken care thru valuation class and account determination

Hope the above clarifies - pls assign points if the above is useful

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Please suggest.