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Production Order Post Complete GR only on final confirmation

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In our current business flow, production order confirmations are most of the time partial and when it is the last operation with PP03 (Auto GR) as control key, quantities are posted equivalent to the yield quantity being confirmed. Now we are being required to post the full GR quantity only on the final confirmation. Is this possible to automate GR only on the final confirmation and how?

Example Order qty: 1000pc, first partial confirmation for operation with PP03 ctrl key = 600 (no GR should be posted here).

Next confirmation for operation with PP03 (final confirmation) = 400 pc (Auto GR here should be 1000pc). Is this possible?

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Hi Jorosza,

As per the standard SAP system design it is not possible. You need to post the manual good receipt 101 through MIGO or MB31. For that you have to deactivate auto good receipt from your control key.