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Production Order Number Range - SNRO

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Hi Team,

I have defined number range for the production order in SNRO (Object: AUFTRAG).

I have defined the number range as 430000000000 - 439999999999.

Current number (production order number) is: 430000007931.But in between for many numbers (Eg:430000007930, 430000007929, 430000007928, 430000007927 etc), the production orders are not created in system. Directly the production order has been created with number 430000007931 by skipping the in between numbers. How to avoid this skipping of numbers?


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Which buffering method does AUFTRAG have? Is it buffered?
This can be seen from SNRO transaction (Object: AUFTRAG).

Depending on buffering method, gaps are expected.
See KBA 1843002 - Gaps and jumps in number range assignment

Changing buffering method should always be recommended from application area, responsible for Number Range object.There are different considerations and legal aspects that need to be taken into account.

The change of the buffering type of the number range objects delivered in the standard system constitutes a modification and no support can thus be provided for resulting problems unless the modification is covered by SAP Notes for localization purposes. Before changing the buffering of a number range object, please check carefully whether this is required.


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For production order number range, we can use Transaction code - CO82.



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Go to SNRO, specify the object as AUFTRAG, click on change & change value in the field buffer to 1.

menu bar, please follow the path Edit---> Set up buffering ---> No buffering and save changes

Please note that this can cause considerably performance . Please refer the OSS note  62077 and 1679514.

Best Regards,


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Hello Selva Kumar,

Yes,, some time its happens Prod order number are skip. Reason behind this more than one application server in Prod system. In system created Buffer catches for this reason system buffer the prod number. 

Please go to SNRO, Object AUFTRAG (Prod Order number range) and check how much percentage you set as buffer. to avoid this number skip, you can set buffer as "zero", in that case system allow you to create the prod order in continues number.

Ex. suppose we have current number  100 as prod order number  and set percentage set as 5% then for other server prod order number start with 106.

I hope this information helpful to you.


Umesh Mali