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Production Order in Blocked Stock still available in MD04

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Dear Expert,

I created Production Order and set the Stock Type to "Blocked Stock" in "Goods Receipt" Tab.

I also changed the configuration in OPPQ to not taking into account Blocked Stock as Available Stock during MRP Run.

But I still can see the Production Order in MD04 and it is still adding the Target Quantity to available stock, only after I GR it to BLocked Stock, then it will not appear in MD04.

Questions :

1. If I want to exclude Production Order with Blocked Stock in MD04, is there any configuration to achieve this?

2. If there is no way for number 1, is there any setting in Production Order that I can do to achieve the same results?

Thanks and Best Regards,


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You can exclude the storage location from MRP using the "MRP Sloc Indicator". This setting is available on the material master tab MRP 4 or MMSC.

However to exclude the particular production order like Blocked stock from MRP calculation try the  BAdI MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA.

Best Regards,


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2 things.

1) Storage location can be excluded from planning as above mentioned by Mr. Rupesh, it is defined in configuration. But remember, doing this configuration doesn't mean that particular will be excluded from planning. For newly created material, when material master is created with that specific location, that location will be default copied and it will be excluded from planning.

For existent material(Old materials), you need to extend that excluded material storage location, then it will copy.

2)  For MRP elements to be made out of MRP radar, you need to go for enhancement. Follow below link.

Best regards


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Product and Topic Expert
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This is considered the system standard behavior.

However, as this is a very frequent request, SAP delivered a modification to change the system behavior on the following note:

649611 - Stock type not considered by production order

This note provides the source code to be implemented on method CHANGE_MDPSX_MDFA of BAdI MD_CHANGE_MRP_DATA, in order to make a production order not relevant to MRP when the stock type is blocked and this is set as not relevant to MRP on customizing.