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Production Order confirmed finish date

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Good morning,

I have a question concerning the confirmed finish date (GLTRI) on the general tab of the production order header. We have an order that a partial confirmation was done on the last operation with no yield. This was the first confirmation of the order. The general tab shows a confirmed start date and a confirmed finish date. First question is why the confirmed finish date if nothing was completed. The confirmation was then canceled and the start confirmed date was removed but the confirmed finish date remained. More testing revealed if a final confirmation was performed on the last operation where it is set to do an automatic goods movement the start and finish confirm date was filled in. When the confirmation was canceled the start and finish confirmed dates were removed. Has anyone come across this before?

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dear John,

I played in our TST system and found the same behaviour (which I consider is a standard).

I can't see this "confirmed dates" settings in config.

It seems like as soon the first entry comes in AFRU system sets the 'Start Confirmed' date even if LMNGA is zero

After cancellation system cleans this field date because the order status comes back to REL (the was only the one zero partial confirmation which was cancelled later). but keeps 'Finished Confirmd' field populated. Of course, the second record in AFRU (the cancellation) is created.

To avoid a misunderstanding I suggest advise your users to run CO14 (display prod.order confirmation) or just use COOIS.

good luck!

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Thanks for your response. Guess we feel the Confirmed Finish Date should not be filled in until the order status is DLV. SAP states for field GLTRI "Specifies when the material was actually produced (that is, delivered to stock)." In the case where a partial confirmation is executed, with zero yield, then nothing has been produced or delivered to stock. Thanks again.