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Production order confirmation goods movement lock by user

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We have written a program that uses batch input to do production

confirmation through Tcode CO12. The program will post the confirmtion

as a group one at a time.

When we tried to post 2 different orders with the same material code

one after another, the orders will be confirmed successfully. However

the second order's goods movement will not be executed. When we go to

Tcode COGI we will find the error message "The plant data of the

material &1 is locked by the user &2"; whereby the user mentioned is

the user who executed the confirmation program. This happens even

though the user mentioned in the error message is not using any other

Tcode while excuting the confirmation program.

Kindly please advise. Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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this locks are very important and it's correct that this locks are set. Also when the same user is performing this issue.

It's the same when you run Co11 manually twice, you will get also this lock.

I would recommend to book the goods movements decoubled later in background. This would be the best way.



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