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Production Order Confirmation - 2 questions: rework and link_conf question.

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Hello everybody,

I'm currently using the bapi BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT to (partial/final) confirm operations of Production Orders (PO). First I fill the timetickets table with relevant information about the amount that I'd like to conform. The goodsmovement is done automaticly according to the normal process. All goes well.

My first problem is the following: When I'd like to confirm a 531 instead of a 101 movement, I have to create my own goodsmovements table. I also have to fill my link_conf_goodsmov table. The question is: what kind of index do I have to fill in? Just a simple: "1, 1" if i'd like to refer to the first confirmation in the timetickets table and the first entry in the goodsmovement table? I tryed this but somehow the standard goodsmovement is always performed, not my new goodsmovement.

My second problem is the following: When I (partially) confirm a rework amount with a reason added using CO11, it askes if I'd like to perform a confirmation function (trigger point). When I say yes, it also creates a new operation.

The problem is that, when I (partially) confirm a operation with a reworkamount using my own bapi, if returns a message that I can ownly perform the confirmation function in dialog mode. Therefor it does not perform the trigger point and it does not create a new operation. My question is: is it possible to execute such a function/triggerpoint AND create the newly suggested opertation using my Bapi?

Hope you can help me.

Best wishes and kind regards.

Laurens Steffers

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Did you solve you problem about link_conf_goodsmov table

I am trying post goods movement, but

It's not working