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Production Order - Activity Cost not updated..

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Hello All...

Please Help

At the time Production Order Activity Confirmation(CO11N) Qty and activity/cost center,Cost element is updated in Production order Cost Report  no cost is booked.

from my end I checked the below settinigs:

1  Cost Elements in Activity Masters (Categeory  - 43)

2  KP26 (Cost Center Vs Activity Type ) Rate Maintained

3  Work Center - Cost Center and Activity Assigned

4  Routing - Costing Relevency "X" is maintained

5 Controll Key - Cost is selected

6 Work Center Forumula - Allowed for Calculation is selected

7 Valuation Variant - Activty Source Price is maintained

8 Assigned in Costing Varaint

9 Order type we assigned  - Costing Variant

10 CO13 - Confirmation Cancellation

if I missed any thing other than the above mentioned settings plz suggest...

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Answers (3)

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Have you checked if Usage in basic data tab of your work center is filled in. Is it appropiate for the type of routing you are using?



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Step 10 seems to be the answer.. If you cancelled the confirmations, how do you expect the system to post activity cost to Prod order

Br, Ajay M

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initially confirmation is done when we check the cost analysis report no activity cost is posted only qty is appearing in the report then we used CO13 transaction. again we did the confirmation for that order no changes in the report ..

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Dear Darshan

All of your settings seems to be correct my attention also went to point no.10 only as mentioned by Ajay Sir also but as you say you have done confirmation again but the situation is the same. Now please check following points also.

1     May be your production lot size or the activity quantities are too small hence the system is unable to calculate activity cost for Production Order. Ideally Costing Lot Size,Routing base quantity and order size should be the same to avoid calculation differences due to rounding.

2     Check production version used for Standard Cost and for Production order. Whether the two are same or different. If different the activities used in production version used for Production order are properly maintained and also check validity of those activities.

If even then it is not solved then please give screen shots of your activity master,KP26,routing and Cost analysis.


Rajneesh Saxena

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Ideally if the standard cost estimate is updated with activity cost then it should update the production order.

That mean Activity cost is not updated in standard cost Estimate

Ensure routing validity, status and automatic selection maintained in config.

Check your quantity structure in CK13n.Please check in quantity structure tab whether task list type, group and group counter selected or not. If not then this should be considered.

Check if how routing data getting selected for cost estimate. Routing data is not selected in your cost estimate hence you are facing this problem.

Let me know if standard cost estimate is updated with same or not.

Best Regards


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Thanks for your valuable inputs,

for that material std cost estimation is done and mark and release also happened in that activity cost is included.

where as comes to routing - Usage - 1,Status - 3, Date Validity - 01/2013  to 31/12/9999 is maintained in routing.and also config for automatic selections is maintained

CK13N: Qty Structure --> Task List Type - N,Group Counter -1,data is maintained

my issue is at the time of confirmation CO11N - activity cost is not loaded to production order only quantity(No.of Hrs) is apper