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Production lot costing

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I have an issue when running Production lot costing CKW1. The BOM has a Routing with several operations, one of which is referring to an external processing Operation. There is a Purchase Info record set up for this, with an info category - Standard. When CKW1 is run for one of the materials specified, an error is generated:

MsgNo 467 No price could be determined for external processing

Consequently a new PIR was created that was linked to an info category - sub contracting. The routing operation relevant to the material was changed, i.e. in the external processing view, the PIR no. was changed from the standard info cat. to the sub. contract info category and the subcontracting indicator ticked.

When CKW1 was then run the costing was successful

I can not work out why the costing is failing with a standard PIR but works with a subcontracting PIR?

The Production lot costing variant has a valuation variant -->

external processing --> strategy sequence --> 1 Price from Operation

2 Net quotation price

Edited by: neil Marsh on Nov 23, 2008 4:30 PM

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Dear Neil,

For externally processed operations/products, you have to maintain Purchase Info Record by selecting

the radio button for Sub-contracting using T code ME11 and you will be maintaing the processing cost in

this Info record.So this will be picked automatically by the system and ensure for that particular

operation(externally processed) the control key should be PP02.

So after doing all these,check once again in CKW1.

Check & Revert back.