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Product Hierarchy and Assortment Module?

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Can anyone throw some light on Product Hierarchy and Assortment Module?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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<i><b>Product Hierarchy:</b></i>

Product Hierarchy is used to group the materails by combining features. It is used for analyses and pricicng. A produch hierarchy can consist of upto 18 characters. Its features can be combined in various ways, the following figure gives an example of how materials can be grouped using product hierarchy.

Product Hierarchy: Electrical Appliances(00001): 1. Dry Appliances(00001), 1.1 Electri Stoves(00000001), 1.2 Food Processors(00000002); 2. Wet Appliances(00002), 2.1 Washing Machine(00000001), 2.2 Dish washer(00000002).

In this case, a dish washer can be describered by product hierarchy 000010000200000002.

This is called as Product Hierarchy.

<i><b>Assortment Module:</b></i>

This is one type of Value contract using assortment module (Contract Type: WK1). Firstly we have to create Assortment Module using T.code: WSO1, and enter the group of material in the assortment module and save. and then create contract and assign the Assortment module number in the contract and enter the value and save the document. after that is same like other contract.

Hope i have answer your question

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