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Dear Experts,

Could you advise me in the following senario

While extending material ,I input the standard and variable cost incorrectly as 348.2 per KG EGP instead of 0.34 EGP.

A process order 104568508 was created and for the material. The material was despatched on SAP.

After despatching we noticed the error as variance. We modifed the cost and after that we made goods returned. So the material was despatched with the huge cost and returned with correct 'low' cost which caused a huge loss on SAP.


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Answers (2)

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Can you advise me in this scenario

1-Product created on SAP via MM01 with incorrect cost 348 EGP per KG instead of 0.348 EGP per KG

2-when Process order was created for this product a huge variance about 24 Million EGP had been occurred

3- The inventory issued this product

4-while doing invoicing this product blocked in VFX3 as there is no cost estimate for it

5- when I have executed CK11n the cost result was 0.29 per KG

6-i have executed CK24 which lead to updating to the cost

7- i have made release via vfx3 and i noticed the huge cost in KE24

8- while we made return the product received in the warehouse with the low cost

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try this,

Step 1) cancel the goods return.

Step 2) change back the cost of the materil to 348.2 EGP/ per kg.

Step 3) Now, post goods return entry

Step 4) rectify the cost of the material. change it to 0.34 EGP.