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Product cost collector & MFBF

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1) Can anyone shed some light on how to setup product cost collectors in REM environment? & how to maintain them?

Also, how to process the preliminary costing for product cost collector? Why is it done and how often?

2) In MFBF transaction, when we post scrap, system post the scrap on the BOM components and not on the parent material?

E.g.: I have a finished good ABC, having BOM components 1,2,3. When i post the scrap for 100 units of ABC, system scraps the components 1,2,3 as per the BOM. I dont see any Scrap posting for ABC for 100 units. If i want to determine, how much finished goods were scraped, where do i get the information?

Thank you guys..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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PCC is created with respect to Production Version. everytime you create Production Version you have to create PCC for this.

There are two ways of Creating PCC.


The material for which monthly PV create:-

When u create PCC check list given below: --- 

1)      There should be tick in checkbox Product cost collector in “Order type dependent parameter” controlling area.

2)      All the Production version should be created with valid date.

3)      PCC should be creating in the range of Production version valid date then it will fetch the data in PCC.

4)      First create Production version & then create PCC.

T code:-----   KKf6n


The material for which yearly PV create:-

Use T code:-KKF6M for mass creation

Check and revert in case of any query.

Thanks and Regards,

Dheeraj Rawal

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How often should we run the preliminary costing? And is there any mass transaction for executing preliminary costing? Can we use CK40N for preliminary costing?

Any ideas on the MFBF question?

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Dear Vicky,

1.Product Cost Collectors can be created for a set of materials using T.code KKF6M and preliminary

cost estimate can be carried out using T.Code MF30(for a set of materials).

2.MFBF is used for production booking or production confirmation for carrying out Assembly

backflush,component backflush and activity backflush.

3.CK40N cannot be used for carrying out preliminary cost estimate and it's used for carrying out standard cost estimate for a set of materials.



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thank you..

so, if i have to post the scrap at the finished good level in an REM environment? How do i do it?

Is there any other transaction apart from MFBF where i will be able to post the scrap at the FG level?

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Hi vicky,

If you want to post the FG material you can use the transaction MB1A with 551 movement.

This is used to scrap the particular material against cost center.

In MFBF you can scrap the components with reference to the FG or SFG materials.


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hi santosh,

well if i post using 551, then i am not using cost collectors..i am directly posting to a cost that a standard process in REM environment?

Thank you..

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Vicky,

I am throwing some light on Product Cost Collector.

Product Cost Collectors can be created for a set of materials using T.code KKF6M and preliminary 

cost estimate can be carried out using T.Code MF30(for a set of materials).

§     In Repetitive Manufacturing, all costs attributed to the production of a material are collected on a product cost collector and settled periodically (period-based Controlling).                                                             

§    The product cost collector is settled periodically according to the posting period  (for example monthly) .                                                       

§     For a material , product cost collector is made for each  version

§     The actual cost collected can be viewed through product cost collector.

Controlling Integration in Backflushing

§  The product cost collector collects the incurred actual costs.

§  In the final backflush, the system automatically posts both the component’s material costs and the production activities to the product cost collector. The product cost collector is therefore debited for the component’s material costs and the production activities. In the repetitive production profile the activities are set to be backflushed according to the preliminary costing for the product cost collector. The product cost collector is credited with the valuation price (materials having standard price) or with the moving average price of the assembly (materials having moving average price).

§  Overhead costs gets debited to the product cost collector periodically via an overhead run using the period-end closing function in Controlling.

§  Using the period end closing function in controlling, product cost collector is settled periodically. Any difference in the Target (Planned) cost & Actual costs of the product cost collector get posted to the Job Variance Account.

Hope the concept is clear.



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1. In REM environment, each production version should have product cost collector.

you have to create it through tcode:  KKF6N.


a. Give material and click on new entry (in left side of KKF6N)

b. then it will open one popup , there you have to give Prodution Version say for ex: 0001.

c. then click on confirm.

d.then it will ask for preliminary cost running, give YES. it will calculate the cost.

f. whenever you r creating Production version you have to create Product cost collector for that version.

Pls find the below links for your ref,

Check and revert back.