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Product Compliance / Who is the "Supplier"? (Goods Supplier ? Supplier ? other role ?)

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in the new SAP software "Product Compliance" (reference:

we can perform a "supplier check". Based on online help: it is not clear: who is the "supplier"? The "goods supplier"? The "supplier"? in a nutshell: which "business partner role" as part of the purchasing process is used here?

From functional perspective: i would assume the "Supplier". From "Legal perspective": the goods supplier.

Only by determing e.g. the country of the "Supplier" and more data the software could determine the relevant regulations.

Or is there a "customizing option" which we can use to define the "supplier"?


PS: According to "online help". For the "SAP SD process" the role "Ship to" is used only as part of the software; so i would assume that for SAP MM process (purchasing part) the "good supplier" is used. But this is not clearly stated in the "online help"

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Hello christoph.bergemann.

I'm implementing PC for S/4HANA, having started with the Product Marketability and Chemical Compliance "modules" - we have not yet started with Dangerous Goods Management and SDS and Label Management (and we have already "met" in this forums).

We're considering "suppliers" to be the BPs from which the client organization purchases Products (materials), from raw materials to (trading) goods, to consumables - or any other product type. The Products that are set as compliance-relevant, is what "tells" which suppliers are relevant to be assessed/checked in PC.

(Mind you that we are just beginning and there is a lot to be done and learned)

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Hello Paulo

the "purchase process" links to many roles of business partners (e.g. WL, LF etc.).

The current SAP Online help does not explain: which "role" is checked. And without knowing this.. how can we (from functional point of view) maintain data in PC?

So it is not "our" defintion of the supplier which i am interested in: but which "role" is checked in the SAP process.

Any feedback is highly welcome