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Procurement process in MM

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Dear friends,

We have got the following requirement.

1) Company gives the Purchase Order for purchase of Computer to a Vendor-X.

2) Vendor-X supplies only Monitor,The Mouse is supplied by VendorY

3) Key board is supplied by Vendor Z

These vendors X,Y and Z are not partners,but they are different vendors.Vendor X might have given subcontract to other vendors.

But company receives Monitor from main vendorX and Receives other parts from other vendors.

How to map this in SAP.

Please suggest.



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Answers (4)

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i belive u can map that scenerio using mpn or manufacture part no. in that u can have that flexibility u r searching for

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Dear Cheruku,

There are two options,

1) Strightway raise seperate PO for all items against individual vendor.

2) Create a subcontractor order of a computer to vendor X.

Since you are procuring other material ( Mouse & keyboard) , you can have them delivered directly to subcontractor ( vendor X). To do this the number of the subcontractor must be specified & the subcontracting vendor indicator must be set in the component order on the delivery address tab of other vendor PO.With this material will be directly deliverd to subcontractor & you will get a complete set of computer against a subcontract order from vendor X.

Hope this is useful ,If so reward points,

Vivek Maitra

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You can have following options -

1) If you know that vendor Y has given the sub-contract to other vendors, then ask them to supply material through vendor Y only. The material may be physically received from other vendors, but paper work may be done on name of vendor Y.

2) You may place different orders on different vendors.

Hope this helps you.



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Hi Cheruku

Actually the best solution for this is one should have appropriate partner function. I'm not sure why you have not created or what is the problem?

Second option if you know this in advance then to create 3 diff pur order.