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Procurement of a sub assembly, dismantle and issue the components

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Hi All,

  Business has a scenario where they buy a sub assembly, dismantle it and issue the components for production.  When they procure sub assembly, sub assembly stock will increase in stores, but business want both sub assembly and input components stock in increase during GR.

Is there any solution or work around to map this in SAP MM?

Thanks in advance,


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It is better to make this scenario more striking with an example

You buy a box with a knife a fork and 2 spoons.

And you want show in stock 1 box including a knife a fork and 2 spoons, and at the very same time you want show a knife a fork and 2 spoons as individual inventory on their own material number.

May sound logical from a retailer point of view, unfortunately I do not know the SAP Retail solution and can't say if it has something for this scenario.

But the core industry solution does not do that. If you buy a box, then you have the box in inventory. There is not even a way to buy a box with material number 1 and finally receive  4 different materials (2,3,4,5)

Lets bring the value into the game.

The price for the box with the 4 items is 10 Euro

If you post the receipt for the box, then you have 1 box and value of 10 Euro in Stock

So which value should have the individual knife, fork and spoons? It can't be 2.50 each.

Because then you had a value of 20 Euro in your inventory while you only spend 10 Euro.

So you could make the individual materials as UNBW non-valuated.

But latest with a goods issue you get the next problems.

If you sell the box, you would also need to issue the individual materials.

If you sell just one knife, you would need to issue to whole box too.

What about the value now?

Big win if you sell the non-valuated materials, just normal if you sell the box, but a big loss if you sell only a single knife.

So the better way might be to order and receive  the individual materials, you somehow need to tell your vendor how this order to be understood, longtext might be a solution.

You may have to create the box as empty box and as non-valuated material to include it in the order.

There is still a lot manual work to do, since MRP would only plan individual materials and not a set. So if you get a requisition for a knife then you would have to add manually the fork and the spoons to the purchase order.

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Please create a BOM for it with parent and child components. Try a GR with it .



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Hi Ranjjini

We may customise subcontracting process which may accomodate this requirement , but need to check with business they are purchasing subassembly as a scrap or they are purchasing it directly from manufactuere....
Best Regards
Arvind N Maurya