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Procrument Cycle

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When MRP is active what are changes if any in the procurement cycle, and what the are the t-codes used along with it?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Ganga,

If MRP is active for material and plant, the procurement cycle will be automatic.U need not create any document manually.

Just plan the requirements for the required period in MD01, Run MRP or requirements in MD04 where you can convert PReq to PO,check in MD03 the updated document.

The requirements will be generated or documents will be created only when there is shortage of stock on on the required date.

Is it clear for you?

Please reply.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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hi when mrp is active

then mrp will generate the requirement on basis of planned order or sales order and the it will generate the PR

using this PR u have to run Procurement cycle



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If any change in MRP, system will immediately update in MD04 screen.

When next MRP run by MD02 or MD01, system will create procurement proposal or planning proposal.

Anymore doubts, come up with specific questions.



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If MRP is active then

you have to run MRP(MD04) to generate planned order or purchase requition. all other cycle will be same.



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Tcodes for MRP

MD01 Carry out total planning online

MD03 Carry out single-item, single-level planning

MDBT Carry out total planning in background mode

MD05 Display MRP list

MD06 Access collective display of MRP list

MDLD Print MRP list

MD04 Display current stock/requirements list

MD07 Display collective display of current stock/requirements list

MD11 Create planned order

MD12 Change planned order

MD13 Display planned order (individual)

MD16 Access planned order (collective display)

MD14 Convert planned order to purchase requisition (individual conversion)

MD15 Convert planned order to purchase requisition (collective conversion)

MD20 Create planning file entry

MD21 Display planning file entry

MDAB Set up planning file entries

MDRE Consistency check of planning file entries