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processing leads to inconsistent positions

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My client issues index bond, of which there is no standard product type for that, i have since created a new product type called 04Z, based on 04x and 04L. When i try to create a transaction, ftr_ create, transaction type 300, i get the error below; this happens when i try to save the transaction.

Processisng leads to inconsistent positions for 31.05.2023 Security ID Number NRA0230

Message no. TPM_TRL063


An error exists in the derived flows. Further processing would lead to inconsistent positions for 31.05.2023.

System Response

Processing was terminated.


Contact SAP.

what can be the problem in my settings

Thank you in advance


Edited by: Hein Nagel on Jan 4, 2010 8:34 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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pls check the following:

a. condition for final repayment in fwzz

b. position mgt procedure should be assigned with liability and asset category in spro

c. check amortization procedure defined in the position mgt procedure.


prasad av

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Thanks Prasad, the problem was on the position procedure on index valuation

Thank you


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Hello Prasad,

I've error TPM_TRL063 with transaction RTPM_TRDT_DATA_EXEC, the final repayment is just tested in other deal and the procedure management it's also correct. I've just inserted the initial ID security write down and negotiation spread using transaction TMP63A and TPM63B, at the end of TPM63 run the problem occurs: the position value in TPM63A are correctly managed by the systema (no error) the write down and negotiation spread are in error (TPM_TRL063).

Best Regards


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