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Processing delay in B1iSN

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Hello experts,

I am having problem with processing of the events queue Q.B1Events. This queue increase its elements and approximately every 40 minutes the elaboration process starts normally. The system has lost its immediacy and I don't understand why.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi Ivan,

Looking at your screenshot of the DBQueue Monitor, there is a IPO-step in status "recovery":

Per default these "recovery" issues are only reactivated twice a day via scheduler (at 6:30 am/pm).

Please check the IPO status for a deactivated step: B1iP Control Center -> Monitoring -> IPO-Step Status. Here the recovery reason should be displayed and gives you a hint what happened.

If the issue is solved in the meantime, you can reactivate your process via button "(Re-)Activate" or run "Maintenance -> Schedule Recovery" at the B1ip Control Center.

Best regards


P.S.: Which patchlevel of B1iSN8.8 do you have in place?

Please also think about an migration project towards B1iSN9.0, which is based on B1if technology.

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Hi Bastian,

How can i change the Recovery Schedule to 4 times a day?



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Hi Wilson,

to change the recovery scheduler of B1i, please do the following:

  1. To open the integration framework from the Microsoft Windows start menu, choose All Programs → Integration solution  for SAP Business One → Integration Framework.
  2. Logon with the B1iadmin user and provide the password.
  3. In the integration framework, choose Tools → Control Center.
  4. In the control center, choose Configuration → Deployment Panel.

  5. Search for the following: bizstore:/, and click Cfg.
  6. After the user interface has refreshed,
    The Application Instance Configuration... user interface opens.
  7. To change the scheduler for Recovery, please search for line “RecoveryPrep” and click Cfg.

  8. The IPO-Step Configuration for step … user interface opens:
    Per default the scheduler for  recovery runs twice a day (6:30 am and pm)
  9. To change it to run it 4 times a day, enter in  parameter hour 6,9,12,18 instead of 6,18. After the changes click Apply! and confirm the pop-up window.
  10. At the Application Instance Configuration... user interface click Apply! And confirm the pop-up window.

As result the recovery should now run four times a days.

Best regards