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Processing class in US Payroll

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Hi all

Could you please tell me what is the need of processing class in payroll. Also what are the processing classes and specifications commonly used for US Payroll.

Kindly provide with example/scenario

Thankyou in advance


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Renuka,

Processing Classes determines how wage types are processed during the payroll run. Sap has given 1-89 as standard processing classes and you can create custom specific processing classes as per youir requirement.

SAP Standard processing Clases for US

1 Assignment to valuation bases

3 Cumulation and storage of time wage types

4 Summarize WT TX and SI periods

5 Create net remuneration and total expenditure

6 Enter wage type from old payroll account in LRT

10 Mark wage types for monthly factoring

15 Basic formula for creating averages

17 Overtime compensation (personnel calculation rule TC10 or TC20)

18 Process work center-related remuneration

20 Cumulation and storage at end of gross part


23 Processing wage types in retroactive accounting

24 Transfer control

25 Behaviour after end of payments/deductions

30 Cumulation update

31 Allocate monthly lump sums to cost distribution

32 Only used for conversion

Warm Regards,

Kapil Kaushal

35 Shift change compensation for substitutions

41 Cumulation and storage of wage types to be limited

45 Import WT from VD to IT or vice versa

46 Process time tickets for incentive wages

47 Special infotype processing 0014/0015/0267

48 Automatic special payment

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Proceesing classed will helped in caluculation

Main processing classes use

1 Assignment to valuation bases

3 Cumulation and storage of time wage types

10 Mark wage types for monthly factoring

Best Regards

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1-Sechema US00(U000)->UAL0->" PIT X023 P20 NOAB Cumulate gross wages and store in RT"

2-PE02, see X023 PCR

Above could be a usage instance for processing class. Go for more details from system.

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check the follwoing and take the helpf of f1 and f4

V_512w_o,V_512W_D thru SM31