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Process Rejection

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Dear All,

We have planned rejection (by-product) because of process nature and unplanned rejection (scrap) because of error in process. Planned rejection can be handled by quantity with negative sign. And in confirmation screen if we enter rejection quantity then system will consume component even for rejection quantity. But there is no receipt of rejected quantity in system while in actual we have rejected material in scrap stock. So, how to map that rejected stock in SAP?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For unplanned rejection, do not enter in scrap.

1. Assume material X with 10 no's accepted & 2 nos scrap.

2.Confirm (10+2) 12 no's as a yield qty.

3.You know that 2 no's are rejected.

4.Make MB1B mvt 311. Transfer these 2 no's from production str location to Rejection str location.

5.Now your confirmed stock reduced to 10 no's. That you can check in MMBE.

6.From this Rejection str location you can make scrap by 551 mvt.

7.If you want to check the scrap qty for a month, use MB51 mvt 311 with date.It will show the report of last month scrap.


1.No need to create any separate material code for scrap(for each material ).

2.So no need to include in BOM as a byproduct.


1.Not able to scrap the material by operation wise. Only material wise possible.

2.Cost for scarp, it is not accurate. You can not match the cost with operation wise.

It is already implemented & working successfully



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Normally the scrap qty is given at confirmation screen will not posted as receipt and Components will be issued for that scrap qty.

if u want to scrap posting shouls be happen for location again u ahve to use by product concept.u can create sepearte material code for process scrap , assign as by product at BOm set Backflush indicator.

while confirmation stock receipt will be posted with Mvt 531 to location.

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