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Process Order still open

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Hello Gurus,

I am relatively new to SAP PP.

We have been having issues closing out Process orders.

On some of the Process orders we are missing components, and we cannot get the financials to close out without an variance.

We have had to BOMS checked on several occasions and they appear to be fine, but we continue to have ongoing issues.

i am running out of ideas on where else to look for the cause of this issue.

Please advise, points guaranteed.

Thanks a lot,


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Answers (2)

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I am not sure I understood the problem well but to me now it appears that there is a difference of Component List in Process Order and that in BOM. Some of components are missing in the component list in Process Order though in actual they exist in BOM. Though this has no impact on the variance calculation per se yet the comparision of two list shows data inconsistency.

The reason for BOM not read in Process Order properly may be due to multiple reasons:

1. Not relevant for Production (Production relevance Indicator for the components not ticked)

2. BOM is changed after Planned Order is created and hence the Changed BOM is not read during conversion (Check OSS Note 391846 to enable re-reading the BOM during Planned Order to Process Order conversion

It will be good if you explain the issue in a bit more detail so that it becomes easier for us to understand it



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i forgot, and i dont know if this matters:

the process order's status:

REL  Released

PCNF Partially confirmed

PRC  Pre-costed

BASC Batch assignment complet

BCRQ Order to be handled in b

GMPS Goods movement posted

MACM Material committed

PDLV Partially delivered

RESA Results analysis carried

SETC Settlement rule created

MRP type is X0.

is there anything significant in here?

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I am not sure why it is just PDLV. Have you not delivered the Production Order in Full?

Ok for you problem, please check and follow the steps as below:

1. Ensure all your posting related to Goods Issue (GI) and Goods Receipt (GR) is done in the Order (COR6N, MB1A and MB31)

2. Set TECO status in Production Order (COR02) (Process Order---> Functions---> Restrict Procesing--> Technically Complete)

3. Check th Cost Balance in the Production Order (COR02) (Go to--> Cost--> Balance)

4. Run Variance of the Production Order by T/code KKS2 (forst in test mode and then in actual)

5. Run Settlement of th Order to Settle the varainces (KO88)

6. Again Check the Cost Balance in the Order is now ZERO

7. Set the Status CLSD to Process Order to Close it

Please let us know if it does not work out and the specific issues you have



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Hi Shitest,

Mr. Bhaskar has explained most of the steps and he is right in asking why PDLV is set for this order.

I feel PDLV is set because during confirmation your confirmation type selected was partial confirmation because of which your order status is PCNF and PDLV (may be because you are using Auto GR control key).

If order has PDLV status it is not allowed to close or not considered during variance calculation (if i remember correctly)

Now you can do one thing, go to COR2 in process order change transaction and set delivery completed tick mark in goods receipt tab. Then your order will have DLV status (do this if you do not want to post any goods receipt further). If you are having some pending goods receipt then do it properly in confirmation transaction again (choose final confirmation in confirmation type) , then order will be set to DLV status.

Then follow the steps provided by Mr. Bhaskar, as to set TECO to the order, check if you any variance and then settle it to make balance of the order zero.

Then you can close the order.

Hope you can solve the issue now.

Best regards,