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Process Order settlement on cost center.....!!

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Hello Experts,

We create process order for material having price indicator as 'V'  so after order settlement the settled amount will get settled on material.

1.Now we want to settle the cost on cost center for some process orders.For this purpose we define new order type and settlement profile.In Settlement profile we defined receiver CTR as optional and MAT not required.While creating the order GR becomes non valuated and there is no amount to get settled.

2.In other case after changing the configuration of settlement profile, we defined CTR and MAT as optional so GR become valuated but during this process system first settled amount to material and then on cost center but  we want that this cost should settle on cost center not on material.

Please help how we can settle the amount on cost center ??

Is there any config missing or any enhancement is required to achieve this?


Prasad Patil

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System always settled to MAT by default and no way to avoid in this case....

You can try by defining 2 MAT lev 0% and at CC lev 100%