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Process order printing standard as well as custom form-S4 Hana

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Hi Experts,

I am using S4 Hana. I have configured print programs for process order types. I am using list LG01. I have removed generic settings and made only my relevant process order types applicable for LG01 list printing and also provided custom program name.

CB85 configuration can only accept script or Adobe Form, whereas I am using smart form, which is directly called from the custom program. Therefore, I have left the form field in CB85 blank.

When I print the order in COR2 mode, system is printing my custom form as well as standard goods issue list (LK02). I also tried to remove generic setting for LK02 and assigned order type PP01, so that it does not mingle with my custom order types. Still the problem is not solved.

Can you please advise where I am going wrong? Why system is picking LK02 list when no settings are there?

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