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process on T.code f-44 vendor clearing.

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Dear Expert,

kindly help me any one regarding step by step process on using T.code f-44 for the vendor clearing.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Akshaya,

For your details, please go to below link:


1. Fill in selection screen and choose Process open item:

2. Select the open item document (Click on Amount) or can click on Activate Item button after selecting the open item.

Standard Tab: It shows the amount entered (Receipt) and assigned in this screen we can even enter Cash discount amount and Cash discount percentage.

Then save to post document.


You can use the options like bellow as per the requirement.

Partial payment

Residual item

Withholding tax 

Some buttons in this screen:

Charge of difference:  If there is any difference between the open item and the posting amount for example customer is paying less ( payment advise error, paid without considering cash discount, customer calculation error etc..) in such aspects we needs to click on charge difference and enter the balance amount whether Dr/Cr.

Then we need to press on :

Distribute Difference: Here we needs to provide the reason for distribution of amount. :

Example:  Cash discount period exceeded

          General payment on account

          Vendor calculation error

          Debit reduced instead of paid.

Editing options : This will be used for editing the screen options , for open item processing for example like: Selecting option “Payment reference as selection criteria”., Include invoice reference , display net amounts ..etc.

Cash Discount Due date: Average due date for cash discount , - Not configured for present system.

Create Dispute case: This functionality will be used for residual payments in the present system it is not configured.



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Hi Akshaya,

F-44 is used to manually clear the balance for Vendor .Here are the steps

Step No 1) Enter F-44

              2) Enter Vendor a/c no 

Vendor Account

Company Code

Fiscal Year

Click on process Open item

Select your open item and clear it

Let me know if you face any issues

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Dear Veenu,

please share a document with screen my mail id-

Best regards