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Process messages- process order

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i have a process order- 4 main operations with 4 phases like 10 operation, 20 phase 1, 30 operation2, 40 phase 2 each phase different mat should be issued. all phase confirmations are required. for each phase one insp parameter should be checked by operator. in this scenario, is it possible to prepare single process inst sheet or do we need to prepare different process insp sheet? pls advise how to handle this in sap?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yadav,

Its depends purely on cleint's requirment.See If all 4 phases are physically conducted by different persons or group of persons then you can go with different PI Sheet for each opeartion.But to do that you have to assgin different Control Recipe Destinations to each 4 phases.Then only you will get 4 different PI sheets.

But if you want to go with only one PI sheet Process Order wise then assign same control recipe destination to each phase.



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