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Process flow in Process industry

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Hi PP Gurus,

I want to have an idea about flow of process order in process industry with the details how the cost are captured per day if the process order continues for many days.

Pl guide me in the process

Thanks in advance

Shanmugam Balamurugan

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Important Things Involved:

O10C --- Control Recepie Destination (Clubbing of recurring PICs)

O12C --- Process Instruction Category (PICs) -- Clubbing of Process Instruction Chars to be displayed

as per requirement on PI Sheet.

O13C --- Process Message Category --- After we have recorded the Enteries in PI sheet, If we need to update some ABAP/ Z table or We need to Trigger some program with those values then mapping for that is done here.




Master Receipe:C201

Production Version:C223

PI Characteristics:Ct04/O25C

PP Process Flow:Cr01>Co53>co60/co55/co64/co67-->CO57


Demand Management: MD61>MD02>MD04-->Cor1

MRP Run: MD02,MD04

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Thanks for your reply Neeraj,

Can u explain for a process order which goes on for a week how we capture day production,consumption.

Thanks in advance,

Shanmugam Balamurugan

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You will have to create process instruction category through O12C (i think there is some standard Process instruction category..if not try creating the same)...Process instruction category would need "repeated data entry" characteristic and also Event date caharacteristic. In PI sheet you will have a table and the day u r entering production that date will appear automatically. and u enter the production for that day against that process order.

Hope it clears ur doubt.



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