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Problems with control indicators (field: STEUERKZ)

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Hello guys,

I hope you can help me.

I have done the customizing for a new plant in our SAP ERP System. 
For this plant we have two inspection types as we have in our main plant.

So the problem is that the first inspection type in the new plant doesn't work.
In the main plant the inspection type works and also the secound inspection type in the new plant works fine.

For a better analysis I start to debug the QE51N. I found a difference between them:

CHECK qmkst-pumfkz EQ '=' OR qmkst-pumfkz EQ '<'.

In the program SAPLQEEM there is a PERFORM ABSCHLIESEN_AUTO which makes an automatic decision for the step after giving in the erroneous quantity.

Correct plant: pumfkz is '=' and in the new one it's initialized.


The source of this field is the table QAMV.

I ask myself which customizing or which masterdata controls this field. Did i forget any customizing?

My next try to get the reason for it: greating the inspection lot manually with QA01 and see where the field comes form.

For this I debugged the QA01 in detail.
I found out that the function QEEV_CREATE_ONE_CHARACTERISTIC gets the content from the abap steps before and then creates the entry.
Therefore the structures and tables with *plmk* or *plmkb* are the sources. The field is called steuerkz.



Forms are: plan_data_provide_with_matspec, fill_tables_by_plan_tab_new, chv_provide_valid, plmkb_tab_fuellen

For more information please be so kind and ask me.
I will stay debugging the program but maybe someone can accelerate the process.

Any message could be helpful for me. Thank you in advance!

But without success yet...

Best regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Manuel,

I think there is some understanding issue here, as there is no much impact of QPMK_STEUERKZ on inspection type. The control indicators are set at MIC level, used/assigned to the inspection plans, while inspection lots are created for an inspection type. For more details, you can check the QM MIC Handbook by Craig - (Thanks Craig for this wonderful document!!)

So, the first checking you should do is to check the MIC's assigned to your inspection plan, where it's working, and check what value is picked there. Then you should check to the new inspection plan for the new plant, where it's not working. Hopefully you will be able to see the difference.

Now, if you see that for your new plant, where it's not working, if FIXED scope is not selected, then please change it and retry a new process by creating a new inspection lot. Let me know your new observation.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi ,

To help you could you please tell us the actual error you are facing in result recording for the inspection type .

Also in your post you mentioned

which makes an automatic decision for the step after giving in the erroneous quantity.

what is this mean. could you please tell in detail.