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Problems in creating a Value Contract

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I'm trying to create a value contract using VA41.

The process succeeds for one sales organization, but for another sales organization, I am getting a line in the document incompletion log, saying G/L account data is missing. This is despite the fact that a G/L account IS assigned to this sales organization in VKOA. Even when doubleclicking the error message, and getting to the Analysis Account Determination, it is clearly seen that the system did find a G/L account!

After getting deeper into this, I found that the problem is caused by the item category of the contract line item, which has Revenue Recognition category B (Service-related revenue recognition). If I change this value to blank or a different value in the item category definition (VOV7), then I am able to add the line and save the contract.

The question is whether there is a place where this sales organization (or the company code above it) is defined not to be able to accept lines with Revenue Recognition B? Or maybe I am misunderstanding this whole thing, and the problem is of a different kind?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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Hi Amit,

ru implemented RR ?.



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Hi Aditya,

What is RR?

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Hi Sri,

Thanks for the quick response.

The item category group is not NORM but our company's own item category group - YNOR.

This is not the issue, as this item category group is assigned to the material also in the sales organization that works...

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Hi amit

for the second item check the itemcategory group make sure it is NORM ., you wil lget error in incompletion log asking for G/L account

if your item category group varies.