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Problem with transaction CNE47N. ¿ Where did you get these values ?

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Hi, PS-Expert,

I need a help,

When I run the transaction CNE47N is issued the report with two columns on the degree of realization that show different values. One column shows the degree of realization based on the days but the other does not know where to get the value.

Where did you get these values, the sap?

I have reviewed the notifications, but the values of the report are not to be recorded

Best regards

Augusto Encarnacion

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I think you are referring to CN47N

One is degree of processing in terms of duration,

another one is degree of processing in terms of work. - it is calculated from actual work confirmed and planned work from internal activity.

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> Ok. graaaaaaaaaaaaaaciiiiiiasssssssssss

> thank youuuu

simple 'Gracias' and 'Thank You' would be better. Don't use repeating text characters.

Thanks & Regards,


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