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Problem with Stock Transfer Order in Sales

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Dear All,

The problem is related to STO where we have used the following configuration settings -

PO Document Type - ZUB (from standard UB)

Delivery Type - ZNL (from standard NL)

In the delivery type the assigned Sales Order Type - ZDL (from standard DL)

In delivery Item Category assignment is NLN which is a SAP standard.

In the outbound delivery we have the procedure of automatic batch determination active as a result of which two lines are generally reflected in which there is a Batch Header line with zero quantity & there is a Batch Item line with target quantity.In case of our commercial invoice only the single line i.e. batch item line with target quantity gets reflected & upon saving accounting document gets generated.But in case of STO Proforma invoice where there is no scenario of accounting the Batch Header Line with zero quantity along with the batch line item quantity is also getting copied.

In copying control TCode- VTFL the Settings between delivery type ZNL & STO Proforma Billing Type ZBST ( Copy of F8 standard bill type) for Item Category NLN in our system are as follows -

Copying requirements 009 DlvRel.proforma header

Data VBRK/VBRP 003 Single invoice

Billing quantity B

Pos./neg. quantity Blank

Pricing type G

PricingExchRate type Blank

Cumulate Cost - (greyed out)

Price Source Blank

Please suggest what needs to be done so that only the single line containing the batch line item with target quantity in the STO Proforma Invoice.

Thanks & Regards

Priyanka Mitra

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In VTFL, for main item category (NLN), in the field billing quantity maintain value G-Cumulative batch quantity minus invoiced quantity and for the batch split item category, keep value blank. Then test by creating new documents. Also refer OSS Note 77414 - Billing during batch split, which explains for normal item category. You can refer the settings for your scenario also.


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