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Problem with schema in PR05

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I have a problem with using PR05 when I'm trying to change a trip in PR05: No suitable trip schema could be found

I have read answers in but I didn't find the answer on my question.

There are no problems with creating new trips via transaction TRIP and my schema (PL) is exist in T706S.

Maybe should I create a new schema for PR05?

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Hi. Trip Scheme 'PL' is not available in PR05. Scheme 'PL' is used for Travelplans (TransactionTP01/TP02) or Travel requests (e.g. Transaction TRIP). In PR05 you can save a business trip with status 'Request'- but it's not based on the PL scheme. There are another restriction: If you call transaction FITVFELD in client 000 you can see standard delivery e.g. for trip scheme 99 - it's the basis for the travel calendar (PR02) or scheme 'SP' for transaction PR04- they are all not available in PR05. So if you have only one trip scheme - you will not asked by the system to select the scheme- it be will automatic chosen.

I hope that this info can clarify your request.