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Problem with Posted Depreciation

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Hi All...!

I am having a little doubt regarding the posted depreciation.

My company used one asset #1000 and its Gross book value is Rs.27,000 (Asset Value Date 18-04-2006) and on the basis of the useful life time, the depreciation comes around Rs.5400 for one year.

Now we want to transfer the value of asset #1000 to new asset #2000 (Asset Value Date 18-04-2006).

When we tried to use T-code ABUMN and simulate the transaction

the system shows the value of the new asset is Rs.27,450( Rs.27000+one month depreciation Rs.450 of the asset#1000)

I request you that can you help me to resolve the issue that we want to keep the Gross book Value of new asset# 2000 as $ 27,000 and write up the old asset posted depreciation amount.

Thanks with Regd,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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try to modify asset value date of #2000


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Andreas Mann

Thank you for your information and could you please advise me how to do

because the old asset detail- Asset#1000

Gross Book value: 27,000

Asset Value Date: 18.04.2006

How can we do the changes the Asset Value Date - Asset# 2000

can you kindly assist me?

Thanks with regards,