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Problem with MB1A Transfer Requirements

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In OMLJ i set a Wh-number/561 with Src CAT xxx and StorBin YYYYY and when I create a 561 with MB1C the Transfer requirements it is not created automatically. It's OK for me!

My problem is when I create a good issue with MB1A-291 Transfer requirements is created automatically! Wh-number/255 with CAT blank and StorBin blank.

I wish Transfer requirements for 291 was not created or Transfer requirements for 291 is created CLOSED. How can I do it?

Thanks a lot,


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You have to customize OMLR to meet your requirements.

How can we tell you whether it is correct or not ,we do not know your designed processes.

You can always check with the delivered content by SAP, which are the entries for *** in OMLR interface customizing.

So if you want to have it different then you copy this entry and replace the *** with your warehouse number and change the settings to the wanted.