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Problem with mass change a PR deletion indicator

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Has anyone else seen this problem before and know how to solve it?

I am trying to update the purchase requisition deletion indicator (EBAN-LOEKZ) using the mass change tool.

I run the tool in the normal way to update the field with X and get a success message back (see below). When I go back and view the PR, the data has not been updated and the field remains blank.

W5041 - 0010000474 : Purchase requisition 0010000474 successfully changed

Another approach would be to update the closed indicator but unfortunately this is not in the standard field catalogue, is there an easy way to add this field (EBAN-EBAKZ) to the catalogue?

Thanks in anticipation

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Hi Duncan,

I am making a wild guess. It can be authorization issue. Just execute SU53 and see the authorization after you complete mass change transaction.



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Thanks for your response, unfortunately this was not the answer.

Good out of the box thinking though