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Problem with InventoryCountings (B1 Service Layer)

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Hi Everyone

We've a problem with Service Layer (B1 V10.0 FP2105).

Our goal is to load a presaved inventory counting list trough service layer and show them in our application to the employees. They count the items and save the counted quantity trough service layer back to SAP.
The problem we are faced is that when we load the presaved inventory list, we can’t get the lines with the items we have to count. “InventoryCountingLines” is always 0.

We tried it on two different SAP Systems (both V10.0 FP2105) and with different presaved inventory lists. We also tried it with different user, including admin user. Always the same problem.

Any Idea how we can solve this issue and get the information about the items in a inventory counting who have to be counted?

   "odata.metadata" : "https://sap-server:50000/b1s/v1/$metadata#InventoryCountings",
   "value" : [
         "DocumentEntry" : 419,
         "DocumentNumber" : 419,
         "Series" : 51,
         "CountDate" : "2022-11-18",
         "CountTime" : "14:23:00",
         "SingleCounterType" : "ctUser",
         "SingleCounterID" : 9,
         "DocumentStatus" : "cdsOpen",
         "Remarks" : null,
         "Reference2" : null,
         "BranchID" : null,
         "DocObjectCodeEx" : "1470000065",
         "FinancialPeriod" : 138,
         "PeriodIndicator" : "Standard",
         "CountingType" : "ctSingleCounter",
         "AttachmentEntry" : null,
         "YearEndDate" : null,
         "TeamCounters" : [],
         "IndividualCounters" : [],
-------> "InventoryCountingLines" : [], 
         "InventoryCountingDocumentReferencesCollection" : []
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I've found the same error, so I compare tables an them are equal, only DataSource is diferent, when we create directly in SAP it works

Do you found the solution for this error?