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Problem with FMS after upgrade from 2005A SP01 PL.29 to 2007A SP01

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Hi Experts,

i have a problem with formatted search after upgrade to 2007 SP01 PL.5.

I create the formatted search because i need to moltiplicate a quantity in production order line to a number that is in item master data in SBO 2005A was correctly i have no problem, but now do not work: i tried to modify, to rewrite it but i have no result....

this is the statement:

SELECT cast(($[$37.U_QTAALT.0] * oitm.u_fatcnv) as numeric (10,3)) from oitm where oitm.itemcode = $[$37.4.0]

when the field U_QTAALT was refresh SAP give an error message: "Internal error 8114 Message [131-183]

thanks for help

Valentina Mioli

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You may try a little bit change this way:

SELECT cast(($[WOR1.U_QTAALT.number\] * T0.u_fatcnv) as numeric (10,3)) from dbo.OITM T0 where T0.ItemCode = $[$37.4.0\]