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Problem with displaying of country

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I have a problem in Portal . we are working on EHP5 ess. In portal ESS->personnel information->personnel profile ->address-> we have some thing called as temperory address . In this we have a field called as country . we are basically implementing this ess for 11 countries .In this country field in the drop down we are getting only one country in the drop down ( eg Germany ).

But in the ECC 6.0 we can maintain the same temperory address with the respective country and the same data is reflecting in ess. But In ess wen the user wants to maintain his respective country he gets a default as united kingdom , there are no other countries to maintain. Please provide the solution .

Thank you


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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In the standard delivery in the Overview Page, always international

Address is displayed and in the edit screen based on the country

selection (Foreign Address scenario), corresponding country screens

are displayed.

Note: We always show international address screen in overview page in

order to support Foreign Address scenario.

If you want to chanage the fields in the Address overview page fields

then adapt the Address component configuration.

For more information please refer the Following Documentation:

1. Customizing the Fields in Overview Screens


2. Configuration of Personal Profile Services


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