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Problem with Automatic Batch determination in Production Order



I have the following issue:

Production Order A requires 8 quantity of material component M1.

Production Order B also requires 8 quantity of material component M1.

Batch X has 9 quantity of material component M1.

Batch X is assigned to both Production Orders A and B during automatic batch assignment during Release of order. Although Production Order A should have quantity 8 allocated to it and Production Order B should have only quantity 1 against batch X if released in sequence. But this is not the case. Both the Orders are assigned with Batch X with complete quantity of 8. As a result Reserved quantity is greater than un-restricted quantity. Also Strategy for Automatic Batch Allocation is FIFO and there are other batches with stock in it available for material component M1 but are not used for automatic batch determination by system.

Please advice.

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Hi Nitin,

I would advise you to first execute order production order A and post goods issue for the same.

Post that you can back to production order B and execute the batch determination step manually again . This will result in correct batch being allocated to both the production orders. If it was helpful please do give points.