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Problem with absence quota accrual using Time Evaluation

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Hi all,

I am a bit desperate here to generate absence quota using time evaluation (RPTTIME00).

This absence quota valid for:

- Employee who has been working for 12 months (1 year)

The rules are as followed:

- After working 12 months, then every month employee will entitle 1 day quota


If the employee start date is 20-01-2006, then from 20-01-2007 he will start acruing the quota.

On 20-02-2007 he will be entitled to 1 day absence quota. This quota will be accrued again every month, so it means by 20-03-2007 he will get another 1 day.

So the total will be 2 days and so on untill 1 year.

I try to set this automatic generation using time evaluation and IMG: Define Generation Rules For Quota Type Selection, but it just not works.

Pleaseee kindly help me, what should i do. I really appriciate your help.

Thank's so much

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Answers (3)

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Please maintain the table T559L.

Also maintain the feature QUOMO.

Also maintain the validity and deduction periods.

Reduction methods too.

Hope this helps,

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Thank You,

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Your wish will get fulfilled by make the setting in the Selection Rule Group, table T559L.

IMG -> TM -> Managing the AQ - > Generation of AQ -> Generating Selection Rule group.

1. Accrual Period. - Calendar Days.

2. Base Entitlement - based on Seniority with key date to start the accrual.

3. Deduction period.

4. Reduction Method.

Good Luck


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Hi Yunita,

For your ESG and PSG mention following settings :

Just go to the view V_t559L, i.e, the Define Generation Rules For Quota Type Selection.

1. Under the "Selection Rules " node under accrual period tab choose radio button 'calendar year'.

2. Under base entitlement tab, fill in the seniority count you want to account and also the key date with respect to which yoy want the roll over to happen.

3. Under Accrual entitlement tab give any rule, like rounding etc mentioned you want to =come into picture while calculating .

4. Under the 'transfer time' tab give the time when you want roll over to happen, means accrual to get converted into entitlement.

Hope it helps you,



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