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Problem using transaction CN08CI

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Hi all,

I am using a fully-activated trial client S4H 1610 on premise. During a setting of a new PS environment, I wanted to use transaction CN08CI in order to associate the standard WBS element to the material number. When opening the transaction I got the error: Function is not active (Business Function LOG_SD_CI_02) as you can see below:


Going to transaction SFW5 to check active business functions I found that the business functionLOG_SD_CI_02 seems active as you can see below:

Navigating to SAP Help Portal for this business function, I understood some prerequisites as you can see in the screenshot below:

image2.png(10.7 kB)

However, I asked the SAP Basis team which explained me that SAP_APPL component is not available in S4H 1610 on premise and it is inside S4CORE 101 which we have:


At this point I do not know what it could be the problem and how can I do to use the transaction CN08CI. Can you please help me? It is possible I have to set something in customizing or there is any OSS note applicable to solve this? I tried to look online but I didn't find anything useful for my case.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please enable business function * PRS_ERP_CPILS_1. The specification of business function * LOG_SD_CI_02 in the error message is not correct.

Also do the following option in Customizing:

transaction : SPRO
SAP Professional Services
General Settings

Distribution functions for order processing (Commercial Project) activated

Please select the Flag 'activation' for 'Commercial Project Inception' and save.



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Thank you Karthik!

With best regards,


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