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Problem regarding depreciation postings?

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My user is getting the problem while running Dep. in AFAB for 2011 and he is getting the error

"You can only post in new year after closing the previous year.

Message no. AA687


You want to post in a new fiscal year. However, a posting must have been made in the last period in the previous fiscal year before you can do this.


Post to the last period in the previous year first."

but when he runs the Dep. for 2010 in order to confirm it system comes up "The entered fiscal year 2010 is in a closed time period."

I have checked in OAAQ and year I can see is 2010. that means it is a closed year then why system is coming up with this message...

I have the information that the period was re-opened by someone but has been closed without any changes made....

I have also cross verified but no entries have been done....

Please suggest what shall I do...

Thanks in advance...



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Answers (2)

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Hi NItin,

regarding AA687 there are two reasons for the error:

1) Is there one ore more years between the last depr. run? You can check this in table TABA.

Solution: create a dummy entry in table TABA.

2) If there was never a depreciation run, the there must be 000/0000 in the Fields T093D-AFBLPE and T093D-AFBLGJ

Solution: initialize this table fields.

Correction reports in notes: 144441 and 26073

Do not hesitate if you have further questions.

regards Bernhard

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Thanks to both Ravi and Bernhard for your quick replies....

Yes, I have checked the table TABA and one entry is missing...

Let me rectify it please and if I face any problem I will get back to you....

Thanks alot....



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