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Problem in Set Check for Duplicate Invoices

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Dear Expertise,

Twice the Invoice has been booked, after doing the Setup of Duplication Invoive check in Logistics Invoice Verification.

Problem is occuring when we park the Invoice which is passed from MIRO, then after that when we post the document, system doesn't check for duplicate Invoices, whether this has been earlier posted.

what setup should be done after doing this for park Invoice through MIRO {SPRO: Materials Management> Logistics Invoice Verification> Incoming Invoice--> Set Check for Duplicate Invoices

Best solution will be appreciated by points



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Answers (6)

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Hi Ranjit,

Good Day,

Please maitain OBA5 Transaction F5 Area 117 Message Number "E" as Active message type both Online and Batch Input.

Best Regards,


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Dear All,

Whatever everyone has suggested to me was already been done. But this doesn't get effected if document is parked and then posted, and same thing user repeat system doesnot check for Duplicate Invoice.

If we are posting directly (not by parking then posting) system check for duplicate invoice and the gives the warning msg.



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In logistics invoice verification, only documents are checked which

are entered with a reference number.

There are two prerequisites for the Duplicate Invoice check:

1) It is a prerequisite for the check for duplicate invoices that you

have set the indicator for the check for duplicate invoice/credit memo

on screen "Payment transactions accounting" in the vendor master.

2)Also in logistics invoice verification, only documents are checked

which are entered with a reference number.

The standard 'duplicate invoice check' looks at the following fields.

1) Company code....Configurable 4) Currency.....Always checked

2) Document date...Configurable 5) Vendor.......Always checked

3) Reference.......Configurable 6) Amount.......Always checked

If all the cited characteristics match, the system displays a

customizable message. M8462 (if logistics invoice documents are found)

or M8108 (if accounting documents are found).

So, please maintain the following error message as E in customizing

transaction OMRM:

M8462 "Check if invoice already entered as Logistics inv. doc. & & "

M8108 "Check if invoice already entered under accounting doc. no. & &"

In materials management, the system only checks for duplicate invoices

if you enter the reference document number when entering the invoice.

As outlined in Note 305201 Only the Company code, Document date, and

and Reference fields are configurable in transaction OMRDC as to whether

or not the system looks at these three fields along with the Currency

Vendor, and Amount.

SAP Note 305201 Description: Check for duplicate invoices

Please also refer to SAP Notes 216664 for further information on

Duplicate Invoice check.

For a good understanding of how to set up the duplicate invoice check,

please go to the website and check under Materials

Management -> Logistics Invoice Verification -> Invoice Verification

Online -> Check for duplication of invoice entry.

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Please see below solution. it may be helpful


SPRO-MM-invoice verification-incoming invoice-Set Check for Duplicate Invoices

In this step, you can configure for each company code if the system is to check for duplicate invoices when you enter invoices.

This check should prevent incoming invoices being accidentally entered and paid more than once.

You can choose whether to activate or deactivate the check criteria of company code, reference document number and invoice date for each company code. The more criteria that you activate, the lower the probability of the system finding a duplicate invoice. The Accounting documents are checked first, followed by documents from Logistics Invoice Verification (only incorrect invoices or those entered for verification in the background).

When checking duplicate invoices, the system compares the following attributes in the standard system:


Currency Company code

Gross invoice amount Reference document number

1. Invoice date If the system finds an invoice that matches all

attributes, the system

- displays a customizable message.

- If you are entering credit memos, subsequent debits, or subsequent

- credits, the system does not check for duplicate invoices.

- The exception is the Argentina country version, where the system


- for duplicate invoices and credit memos.

- If a previously processed document is later cancelled and then


- again, no message is displayed.


The system only checks for duplicate invoices in Materials Management

if you specify a reference document number when entering the invoice.

In Customizing (IMG) for Invoice Verification, you can specify that the

system check the following attributes

Reference document number

Invoice date

Company code

Because there are fewer attributes to check, it is more likely that the system will find a duplicate invoice.

Standard settings

All check criteria are activated in the standard system.


The following document has been entered and posted:

Reference document number: 333

Invoice date: 28.04.00

Gross invoice amount: 100,00

Currency: EUR

Vendor: Wolf

Company code: Hamburg

The settings for checks for duplicate invoices in Customizing have

been maintained as follows:

The field reference document number and company code are not selected.

This means that these attributes will not be checked. Now enter the

following invoice:

Reference document number: 334

Invoice date: 28.04.00

Gross invoice amount: 100,00

Currency: EUR

Vendor: Wolf

Company code: Berlin


By entering the reference document number and entering an invoice,it is possible to check for duplicate invoices.

The reference document number and the company code contain different data than the invoice you entered. These attributes are not checked because you have deselected them in Customizing.

All other attributes are equal. The system displays a message telling you that a duplicate invoice has been found.

If, for example, you had selected the reference document number in Customizing, the system would check this and recognize that this invoice is different to the previously entered invoice. The system would not then display a message.


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Hi Ranjit,

In customization settings for duplicate Invoice check,what setings you have made.Please tick on the comany code,reference & Invoice date.

Along with this please make the settings in Vendor master data in payment transaction for accounting.


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along with customization u need to activate same in Vendor master (In Payment transactions accounting) chk. double inv.


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HI Vishal,

Same thing i have done in the master also, but i doesn't get applicable for the MIRO park document.

When we are posting directly that time only, this is getting applicable.